If there is one thing that is common to all men, it is our thirst for happiness, for success. So, just as much as we are, we pursue as a dream to live happily throughout our existence. Unfortunately, we are not always in control of our happiness. There are times when our success depends on other people who can destroy all of our dreams with their sheer will. So to avoid this, many people today resort to bewitchment. This in order to prevent anyone from getting between them and their happiness. Do you want to learn more about bewitchment? You want to learn how it works. The powerful African marabout responds to all these concerns. Through this article you will discover a powerful voodoo enchantment ritual effective for the controlled at your leisure.

Need to bewitch a person? Are you wondering how to do it? do this powerful voodoo ritual of enchantment effective of the marabout GHEZO


We will start by defining bewitchment as one of the greatest occult rituals of the Voodoo cult. It is a ritual which consists in using black magic to cast a charming spell on a person intended to make him subject to the one who performs the ritual. Its action is mainly supernatural. Indeed, the bewitchment is of a mystical order. It works by chaining the soul of the bewitched and veiling his eyes so that he never realizes his state of possession.

So, with bewitchment, you can easily take away from a person their free will, decision-making powers, and control over their feelings. You become the master of the bewitched person and you lead him to accomplish all your desires without him being able to oppose it. The spellbound person will never realize that all of their decisions and thoughts depend on another person. On the contrary, she thinks she is the author.

Besides that, to bewitch a person is also to undermine and modify his aura. In other words, by bewitching a person, you can change their aura of luck and make them unhappy. Your bewitch will now experience series of bad luck and nameless misery that will not let go until you decree it. All the solutions that he will seek to free himself from it will remain null and without any impact on his life. Only you will have the power over his life, his happiness and his dreams.


There are several situations that can cause you to want to resort to bewitchment. But generally, people tend to resort to bewitchment in the following cases:

  • Make their spouse eternally in love so that the relationship lasts forever;
  • Make his spouse docile and manipulable;
  • Get a person to offer all their property as an inheritance by mentioning the name they want in their will;
  • Make their ex fall in love again so that he or she can come back;
  • Destroy his ex's relationship by making him unpleasant and flippant in his new relationship;
  • Succeed in business by enjoying the good grace of his boss and by manipulating him;
  • To exert an influence on a person so that it is submitted;
  • To exert an influence on his circle of friends in order to obtain from them all that one wants;
  • Making a person sick without medicine being able to cure him;
  • Bring bad luck into a person's life;
  • Make a person miserable;
  • Have the last word in business negotiations;
  • Expand your business or activities by creating a mass spell to attract a lot of customers.


In general, there are a thousand and one ways to bewitch a person. But today, the most effective way is to perform voodoo enchantment rituals. In the set of these rituals, figure in 1er rank the powerful effective enchantment ritual of the African marabout GHEZO.

Indeed, this powerful Beninese marabout is considered to be the greatest of all African marabouts. He specialized in performing black magic rituals, mainly enchantment rituals. He is therefore the most suitable person to help you if your desire is to take control of a person or to make them unhappy. The great competent marabout GHEZO by his seriousness, his efficiency and his skills will help you make your wish come true in a snap.

The powerful effective enchantment ritual that it offers acts according to the target between 03 or 07 days. This ritual is infallible and is highly awarded among the many rituals that are offered by other marabouts. This is due to the fact that it is 100% effective and has always brought the maximum satisfaction. It is thanks to him that the powerful competent marabout GHEZO today enjoys the notoriety of the best marabout in Benin and in all of Africa. This is the solution you need to do what you want with your target.

Need to bewitch a person? Are you wondering how to do it? do this powerful voodoo ritual of enchantment effective of the marabout GHEZO


If your wish is to bewitch a person, here is how to proceed by performing the powerful and effective enchantment ritual of the great serious marabout GHEZO:

If you want to bewitch between 01 to 05 people, you can perform this ritual yourself. You will just need :

  • 04 black candles;
  • The photo (s) of the people you want to bewitch;
  • The first and last names of the person (s) concerned;
  • A match or a lighter;
  • THEspell of bewitchment.

First, you will write the first and last names of your target behind the photo. Then, you will arrange the candles as if to form a rectangle. You will put inside the rectangle the photo (s) of the people to bewitched.

After that, you will light the candles and you will recite the incantation which will be given to you by the great marabout. When finished, you will pour a few drops of your blood inside the circle to permanently cast the spell. Until you release your victim, they won't be able to do anything without you.

If you want to achieve a mass spell, you must let the great marabout take care of it:

Mass bewitchments require the use of a great mystical power. Thing that a simple person does not have. This is why it is better that it is the powerful marabout who takes care of it. Depending on the goal you are chasing and your desires, he will achieve for you the mass envoutement you need.

In conclusion, the powerful effective enchantment ritual of the great serious marabout GHEZO is the answer to your problems. Do not delay, trust the great competent marabout GHEZO and let yourself be seduced by his skills.

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