As much as we are, we have people around us who secretly hate us and pretend to love us. Blinded by the hatred they have towards us, they have only one desire: to hurt us. These kinds of people are therefore ready to do anything to harm. Thus, to commit their crime, the majority of them tend to resort to mysticism, in particular to bewitchment. Thanks to this occult voodoo practice, they manage to slowly destroy the life of their victim. Fortunately, the spell, far from being inevitable, can be broken when you know what to take. Do you feel like you or a loved one is the victim of a spell? Are you wondering how to break this spell and free yourself from your tormentors? This article is for you. Find out how to disenchant someone with a powerful disenchantment ritual.


Generally, one defines the spell as being a ritual thanks to which one connects the destiny of a person in the spiritual world. In other words, bewitchment is a charming spell performed in order to take away from a person the power to act and think for himself. This in order to manipulate and control it without his knowledge. Without being aware, the bewitched person finds himself hands and arms tied and lives only to satisfy the desires of the one who cast the spell on him.

The spell is also a ritual to bring misfortune in the life of a person. That is to say that the spellbound person will be the subject of a bad spell that can manifest itself in all areas of his life.


Do you suspect that you are bewitched, but you do not know how to be sure? When we are under the influence of a spell, there are certain signs that do not deceive. In other words, although the spell does not directly affect your physical health, it does come with some symptoms.

On the physical level, a spellbound person will complain of:

  • Migraines and headache;
  • Insomnia;
  • Lack of appetite ;
  • Sexual problems;
  • Discomfort and fatigue
  • Indigestion and constipation;
  • Memory impairment;

On the love and emotional levels, the spellbound person will have:

  • Anxiety attacks;
  • A feeling of fear;
  • Problems in her relationship;
  • Difficulty in being loved;
  • Anger issues;
  • Violent behavior towards those around him.

Socially and professionally, a spellbound person will have:

  • Problems of bad luck and the evil eye;
  • Professional, financial, etc. instability. ;
  • Of rejection by those around him
  • Chess;
  • Relationship problems on a friendly, family and professional level.

All these reasons therefore make bewitchment a source of unhappiness for the person who is its victim. Fortunately, there is a way to put an end to this torture when you are subject to it.


Conversely to bewitchment, désenvoutement is a powerful voodoo ritual which aims to free a person from the bad spell that has been cast on him. It works by breaking all the bonds in the spiritual realm that have been tied so that you do not experience happiness. It is therefore a ritual that comes to destroy the effects of bewitchment in your life.

In this context, there are in African traditions, in particular in the voodoo cult, many rituals of disenchantment. While each of these rituals is more effective than the other, there is one that really stands out from the crowd. This is the best powerful and effective ritual to disenchant yourself with the great marabout GHEZO.

Indeed, if this ritual is one of the most effective disenchantment rituals, it is because it is powerful. It is taken from old witchcraft grimoires whose existence dates back to the dawn of time. This powerful ritual has long proven its worth and it does. Its realization requires that we use white witchcraft. This form of witchcraft is generally used for all rituals that benefit humans.

If you are the victim of a spell, this powerful ritual will allow you to:

  • You free yourself from the grip of your executioner;
  • Break all the mystical ties that have been tied in the spiritual world to make you miserable;
  • Break the chains that bind you;
  • Break the curses that have been spoken in your life;
  • To turn bad luck and bad luck against the person who bewitched you;
  • Now make you invulnerable against any other spell or mystical attack.

In view of all this, this ritual is the best solution to quickly regain your freedom and get rid of your bad luck. This is why it is recognized as 100% effective by all those who have already used it.


Unlike the other rituals that you will have heard about, the realization of the disenchantment ritual is special. Indeed, to accomplish a désenvoutement, it is necessary to take into account the type of bewitch that was cast, since there are several.

So, in the event that you are the victim of a less powerful and partial spell, you can perform alone your disenchantment or that of a loved one. You will therefore need:

  • A large amount of salt;
  • A black candle ;
  • Of a size object;
  • Incantation to break the spell of bewitchment.

You will stand in the center of the room. With the salt, you will make a large circle. You sit cross-legged and put the candle right in front of you. With the size object, you will write the name of the person to be enchanted on the candle. You will then light the candle and while the wick is burning, you will begin to recite the incantation. Until the fuse goes out on its own, you shouldn't leave the circle.

Once completed, you will go in the shower. In your bucket of water, you will add 07 pinches of salt if you are a woman and 09 if you are a man. With this water you take your shower.

However, if the bewitchment is powerful and very complex, the disenchantment ritual to be performed is solely the responsibility of the great African marabout GHEZO. From his convent, he will work to permanently destroy the spell of which you or your loved one is subject.

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